APAS Course Descriptions


APA 200. Introduction to Asian Pacific American Studies (C, HU, SB)        
An examination of historical and contemporary issues facing Asian American and Pacific Islanders in the United States. (Required for APAS certificate)

APA 210. Introduction to Ethnic Studies in the U.S. (C)
Covers diversity of experiences and relations among racial and ethnic groups in the United States. (Elective for APAS Certificate)

APA 310. Asian Pacific American Arts & Cultures (C, HU)
Exploration of Asian Pacific cultural expression in art, literature, film, theatre, dance, and music. (Elective for APAS certificate)

APA 315. Asian Pacific American Literature (C, HU)
Exploration on the literary history, critical reception and major theories in APA poetry, fiction and prose. (Elective for APAS certificate)

APA 330. Asian Pacific American Genders and Sexualities (C, SB)
Exploration of gender and sexuality issues as they relate to Asian Pacific American experiences, including interracial relationships; stereotypes, feminism, queer theory. (Elective for APAS certificate)

APA 340. Asian Pacific Americans and Media (C, HU)
Analysis of social construction of APA media images and resistance to those images in various historical contexts. (Elective for APAS certificate)

APA 345. Asian Pacific Americans and Film (C, H, HU)
This course focuses on the social and visual construction of APAs in narrative (Hollywood films) documentary and experimental films, including how APAs have been treated by the film industry.

APA 360. Asian Pacific American Experience (C, HU, SB)

Historical and contemporary experiences of an APA racial/ethnic group in the U.S.:
  • Chinese American
  • Filipina and Filipino American
  • Japanese American
  • Korean American
  • Pacific Islander
  • South Asian American
  • Southeast Asian American

(May be repeated as elective for APAS Certificate if a different topic.)
(One course required for APAS certificate.)

APA 394. Special Topics: Asian Pacific American Legal History
This social/cultural history course examines immigration laws, civil rights legislation, and popular trials regarding Asian Americans and Pacific islanders since 1790. The class draws upon progressive legal scholarship dealing with race, personal legal narratives, and documentary films in order to study a range of "API" experiences within the larger framework of racial paradigms in the U.S. (Elective for APAS certificate)

APA 394. Special Topics: APA & Mixed Race
Examination of the experiences of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders of "mixed-race" ancestry and the history and politics of racial paradigms in the U.S.

APA 394. Special Topics: APA Performance Art
Readings and discussion of historical, critical, and theoretical perspectives of solo performance, performance art, and the APA Experience. Exploration of how performance art highlights differences in gender, sexuality, ethnicity, social and political values, particularly the APA identity. Examination and performance of works by established artists as well as personal works developed by students.

APA 394. Special Topics: APA and Politics
Exploration of the historical and contemporary roles of Asian Pacific Americans in American politics and international geopolitics, including electoral political processes, grassroots organizations and activities, and identity formation.

APA 450. Asian Pacific American Contemporary Issues (C, SB)
Exploration of issues shaping APA communities, including immigration, politics, economic participation, family issues, education issues, health, gender issues, youth issues, inter-racial relations and other contemporary topics.
(Required for APAS certificate. Prerequisite: APA 200)

APA 484. Internship: Community Service
(Required for APAS certificate)

APA 494. Special Topics: Asian Pacific American Communities
Exploration of the historical and contemporary issues of Asian Pacific American communities from a national and local perspective, including the commonalities and diversity of issues across different APA communites. Course requires structured community volunteer service. (Elective for APAS certificate)

APA 494. Special Topics: Asian Pacific American Immigration & Social Justice
Exploration of the causes and consequences of recent Asian and Pacific Islander American immigration to the U.S. and their incorporation into the American economy and society. The theoretical debates and controversies in the field of immigration will be examined as well as everyday issues facing newcomers.
(Elective for APAS certificate)

APA 494. Asian Pacific American Workforce (C, SB)
This course focuses on issues facing Asian Pacific American workers in the United States. Major topics include changing nature of the global and U.S. labor market, the impact of expanding consumer markets in the U.S. and Asia, workplace conditions, and the role of ethnic businesses in the U.S. economy.

APA 494. Asian Pacific American Leadership
Analysis of the history and current formations of APA leadership within the U.S. Examination of the history of leadership, political and community resistance, and organizing activities of APAs from the past to present day.
(Elective for APAS certificate)

APA 494. APA and Globalization (C, SB)
Exploration of Asian and Pacific Americans in the globalization process through a comparative focus on Asian Pacific Americans as transnationals and bridge builders across the Pacific Rim. Examination of recent Asian immigration involving the increasing mobility of capital and population across national borders, as well as the economic and political backlash against Asian immigration due to its transnational ties.

APA 499. Individualized Instruction